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For soft tubing only - copper, aluminum and brass.


• Easily expands tube for braze & soldered joints in seconds.
• Floating jaw head design is self-centering for fast, accurate
• Re-rounds deformed tube ends.
• Accurate joints in seconds without using fittings.
• For soft copper and soft thin wall steel and stainless steel
• Save 60-70% of time over conventional swaging tools.
• Reduces soldering by 50% over standard fittings.
• Meets ARI tube insertion recommendations.
• Long life with high alloy hardened steel jaw segments.
• XpandR™ Tool comes with non-slip, ergonomically designed
• Supplied in a compact carrying case.
• Includes 5 heads: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8".



Download the Tubing Tool Selector
Reference Guide 01 (PDF)

Download the Tubing Tool Selector
Reference Guide 02 (PDF)




1. Deburr inside of tube.
2. To create perfectly centered capillary sockets for soldering or
    brazing, you must use soft copper or fully anneal end of
    tube to be expanded.
3. Pull XpandR™ handle up to 90-degree position. Maintain this
    position as you screw the appropriate size head over the
    center-punch and tighten.
4. Insert the end of the tube over the XpandR™ head completely.
5. Pull the lever completely down.
6. Return the lever to the 90-degree position. Remove expanded




1. Insert deformed tube end to the first groove of head.
2. Pull the lever completely down.
3. Return the lever to the 90-degree position. Remove
    expanded tube.



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