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New Triple-Head 180-Degree Tube Bender from Imperial® Bends up to 1/2-Inch Tubing and Provides Smaller, More Precise Bends

NILES, IL (August, 2003) – A new patented tube bender designed and produced by Imperial, a division of Stride Tool, is the only triple-head 180-degree bender that bends up to 1/2-inch tubing. Its design vastly improves the precision of bends by optimizing bend radii to produce the smallest-diameter bends without buckling or damaging the tubing. Users of the tools include service technicians and mechanics in HVAC, automotive and general industrial settings.

370-FH & 371-FH Triple-Head 180-Degree Tube Benders

Imperial’s 370-FH and 371-FH triple-head tube benders with offset handles enable smooth and easy, tight-radius 180-degree bends—all in one swift motion. Both models feature a unique and patented fixed hook that can be repositioned depending on the size of tubing being bent. The rugged, die-cast but surprisingly lightweight aluminum tools also feature calibrated markings for more accurate left-hand, right-hand and offset bends. The handles are wrapped with tough, extreme-comfort two-tone cushion grips.

The 370-FH bends 3/16, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2-inch outside diameter soft copper and aluminum. Its metric counterpart, the 371-FH, bends 8, 10 and 12-millimeter outside diameter tubes.

In addition to these tube benders, Imperial makes HVAC tube-working cutters, benders and flaring/swaging tools, as well as refrigeration/air-conditioning products such as service manifolds and couplings, charging hose and ratchet wrenches.

Imperial is a 98-year-old division of Stride Tool Inc. Headquartered in Ellicottville, NY, Stride Tool designs, manufactures and markets professional and DIY hand tools for a global customer base. Its brands are sold through retail, industrial, and automotive distribution. The privately held company operates production facilities in Illinois, New York and Ohio. 

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