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New Kwik-Charger™ Service Manifold From Imperial® Makes System Charging Easier and Up to Eight Times Faster

Innovative Product Can Be Switched to Accommodate
Both Blended and Traditional Refrigerants

NILES, IL (January 21, 2004) – Imperial® will introduce its latest innovative product for the refrigeration, air-conditioning and automotive markets: the Kwik-Charger® Service Manifold, in booth #4913 at this year’s AHR Expo. The Kwik-Charger features a patented built-in control valve that charges refrigeration systems up to eight times faster than conventional manifolds. The manifold features non-flutter gauges, with high-visibility faceplates, which make it easy to view temperature and pressure readings. 

The Kwik-Charger with a dual-action valve operates as a conventional manifold for evacuation, vapor charging and liquid hi-side charging. Engagement of the Kwik-Charger refrigerant control valve enables the manifold to accept liquid refrigerant from the tank, including the newer blended refrigerants that charge to the low side of the system to prevent fractionation.

“Our Kwik-Charger Service Manifold offers speed and convenience for the end user when working with today’s modern, high-tech refrigerant blends,” says Miles Dubinsky, Product Engineering Manager at Imperial. “It’s been a big hit with customers and especially at HVAC schools, where instructors try to keep students current with the latest technology.”

An internal metering element keeps liquid flow to a level below the capacity of the compressor, and ensures a safe and fast charge. The unit works with all refrigerants, including CFC, HFC, HCFC, Zeotropic and Azeotropic. Cylinder pressure remains steady when charging in a liquid state; therefore, users don’t have to heat the refrigerant cylinder when ambient temperatures are low.

Other special features include: easily serviceable filters in all manifold port fittings that protect against contamination by particulate material that could be present in recovered refrigerants; diaphragm-style, soft-seat valves that require only a one-half turn to open or close completely; sturdy precision gauges built to last longer and resist shock, vibration and pulsation; and UL-approved PolarShield® high-performance barrier charging hose (800 PSI working pressure and 4,000 PSI burst pressure).

Imperial is a 99-year-old division of Stride Tool Inc. headquartered in Ellicottville, NY, Stride Tool designs, manufactures and markets professional and DIY hand tools for a global customer base. Its brands are sold through retail, industrial and automotive distribution. The privately held company operates production facilities in Illinois, New York and Ohio.

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