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Stride Tool announces new Imperial® 664-FH Heavy Duty Tube Bender

Roto-Lok™ allows 180° bends on tough metals


GLENWILLOW, Ohio (June 1, 2009)—Stride Tool Inc., a worldwide designer and manufacturer of specialty hand tools, today unveiled the latest in their long line of unique tube benders. Designed to accurately bend tubing from soft copper up to hard stainless steel, the new line of 664 benders has models for 1/4-inch,

3/8-inch and 1/2-inch outside diameter tubing.


The 664-FH benders feature Imperial’s patented Roto-Lok™ releasing collar and indexing handle. These allow the tool to bend tubing up to 90°, rotate and lock into a new position, and then bend the tubing up to another 90°. The quick-action trigger release repositions the two-stage handle midway through the bend when both handles begin to meet. That means easy fabrication of bends up to 180° with reduced effort, better control and no crossing of handles.


The 664-FH has a long lasting bright nickel finish. Rollers in the bending handle eliminate tube scoring with less friction and bending effort. Ergonomically molded cushion grips are durable and comfortable to use.


Stride Tool Inc. designs, manufactures and markets professional and DIY hand tools for a global customer base. Its brand Imperial® is sold through HVAC, retail, industrial and automotive aftermarket distribution. The privately held company operates all of its production in a 120,000 square foot facility in northern Ohio.


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